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Doggy Daycare

We are a wonderful place where your dog can learn while having a delightful time.

We transcend the boundaries of conventional dog daycare. Our Cognitive-Emotional dog school program is specifically designed to stimulate your dog emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially.

Doggy Hotel

Our luxury suites are thoughtfully designed to ensure your dog has a comfortable, relaxed, and safe stay. Each suite is equipped with everything necessary for your dog’s well-being, including beds, water bowls, and blankets. In our Dog Hotel area, we maintain a controlled climate and play relaxing music throughout the night to provide the optimal rest time for your dog.

Doggy Van

For the convenience of our clients, we pick up and take your dog to the door of their houses or airport in case you are going to travel. Our van is customized to transport the dogs comfortably, safely, and with relaxing music. Each dog travels in its own space to avoid accidents and discomfort. Our driver is trained in cognitive-emotional education for the safety of dogs.

Doggy Grooming

Our grooming team provides your dog with the pampering they truly deserve.

We have a highly qualified and certified staff dedicated to delivering personalized one-on-one services. Our team utilizes products with natural ingredients and water filters to ensure the best care for your dog’s hair and skin.

Doggy Training

Training is the most crucial decision we recommend when welcoming a pet into your family. The key to having a well-behaved dog is proper training. Our Dog Training Program is designed to assist you in enhancing your dog’s behavior through collaborative training sessions. Our cognitive training approach aims to tap into your dog’s emotional comprehension and abilities, motivating them to think critically and solve problems.